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I’m excited to be speaking at Update Conference 2023 in Prague, Czech Republic! I’ll be presenting Create Beautiful .NET Apps Faster with Uno Platform with the legendary Martin Zikmund (@mzikmunddev) on Thursday, November 27th at 9am CET. We are also going to be running a booth at the conference with fellow Uno Platform team member, Dominik Titl (@morning4coffe).

I’ve been working with Martin and Dominik for quite some time and I am pumped to finally meet them in person! This will be my first time in Prague and I’m looking forward to exploring the city and finding some cool places to eat.

The Talk

Martin and I will be talking about how you can use Uno Platform to create beautiful .NET apps faster. We’ll be covering the basics of Uno Platform, how to get started, and highlighting some of the new features released as part of the 5.0 release. We’ll also be showing off all of the non-UI APIs that we support as well the Uno Themes and Uno Toolkit libraries, which are maintained by yours truly :smirk:.

The talk will be recorded and you can also follow along live at now.updateconference.net. I’ll be posting the recording here once it’s available.


I’ll be arriving in Prague on Tuesday, November 21st and I am planning to cram in as much of the city as I can between work and the conference. I have a few must-sees and must-eats on my list:



After the conference ends on Friday, I’ll be heading to Kraków, Poland for the weekend. I’m excited to eat the food of my childhood at places like Starka and Miód Malina. I’ll be taking a day trip to Auschwitz and Birkenau on Sunday, something that will be very heavy but I feel is important to experience.

To Be Continued…

I’ll be posting more about my trip and the conference here on my blog. Stay tuned!